Perspective and Camaraderie at the Youth Action Hub

Click here to read the blog written about the Youth Action Hub by Artemis Fontaine, Hub researcher.

“I was once homeless. Eighteen years old in the dead of winter, all my belongings in my car – everything I needed daily in the front seat, all my clothes in the backseat, everything else I needed in the trunk, and the rest of it in a box in my mom’s closet. Needless to say, it was hard. Holy heck, it was hard. I met a lot of people in a similar situation while I was floating around from house to house struggling to get enough to eat, constantly looking for work I could hold down while trying to keep it secret that everything I held truly dear lived in my glove compartment. And with those people who knew my secret, the ones who were struggling like I was, I realized some of the most powerful camaraderie was borne of our shared struggles.”

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